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Brazin Old Vine Lodi Zinfandel 2012 - 750mL

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Winemaker's Notes
Lodi is Zinfandel country – the grape thrives in the region’s Mediterranean climate and sandy soils.  Located due east of San Francisco, Lodi experiences warm days and nights that are cooled by Pacific breezes funneled through the Carquinez Straits.   Its fine granular soils offer excellent drainage forcing the vine’s roots deep into the ground.  Brazin is sourced from older, head-trained Zinfandel vineyards that range from 35 to 80 years of age.  This unique combination of climate, soil and old vines fosters small berry size which in turn leads to intense color and bold, complex flavors.
Once your eyes glimpse Brazin’s deep and inky color, they’ll alert your other senses to fasten their seat belts.  Big, bold aromas of spice and mocha fill your nose, while intense flavors of plum and chocolate, rich tannins and vanilla mocha notes rock your palate.  Brazin is a not a wine to be rushed – don’t be afraid to savor its long, lingering finish.

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