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Donna Chiara IIrpinia Coda Di Volpe D.O.C. - D.O.P.- 750 ml

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The Winemaker Speaks "I try to bring in the bottle the organic qualities and characteristics of the wines that I prefer, even if the conditions are not favorable. I prefer red wines, but the serious charm of our whites are very seductive. Every time i produce a new dry white wine, I try to create the wine with a series of scented shades. Well articulated, with ripe fruit (including dried and dehydrated), minerality and floral expressions. This quality follow each other in succesion with a proficiency to induce the consumer to drink and truly remember the wine. Succeeding with olfactory senses are very difficult but when you reach it, the natural sentations are perfectly balanced thus developing, silky, full, intense quality. This brings me the emotions i feel when i taste the grapes of a good vintage and I decide the correct moment to start the harvest. How hard is it to achieve these results? If a few factors off, the harvest does not go as expected. This can compromise the long-awaited results for two years. Yes, you read this correctly. For me a white wine should not be consumed within twelve months after the harvest,. In order to achieve this complex structure, you should have the patience to wait for the wine. This period of aging will create the ideal conditions to bring out the true flavor profile of the grape used for the white wine. This will allow those who taste it to recognize fruits, flowers and scents according to the different grapes that I used. Inferior results for white wines lead consumers to drink red wines. Thus the importance to work very diligently to produce great white wines as we strive every vintage at the Donnachiara Winery". Angelo Antonio Valentino

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