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Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Celestial Blue Label Malbec 2011 - 750mL - Red Wine

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Winemaker's Notes
While working on the film Tetro, in Argentina, Francis Coppola discovered the allure of Malbec, which until recently was seldom bottled as a single varietal in the United States.
Malbec is less tannic than Cabernet but more so than Merlot, giving it a powerful structure but more immediate drinkability. Our Malbec was grown in several coastal vineyards, which experience an abundance of afternoon sun, little wind, and well-drained soils. This Malbec exudes rich, dark fruits, currants and cassis, but an inherent note of minerals and spice is what makes this wine distinctive and delicious.
  • Rich, robust flavors of currants, plums, and spice make this wine a perfect match for red meat.
  • Though considered Argentina's premier wine grape, Malbec is actually native to France
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