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Merlot from Napa Valley, California
Merlot from Napa Valley, California

Oberon Napa Valley Merlot 2013 - 750mL

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Winemaker's Notes

An exceptional blend of Napa Valley Merlot grapes selected specifically for their concentrated character provides layers of ripe blueberry and plum flavors complemented by aging in French oak barrel and a velvety texture.

To naturally soften tannins and enhance varietal complexity, winemaker Tony Coltrin gave the wine an extended maceration. He then pressed the wine and transferred it to French oak barrels (45% new oak) to undergo a long malolactic fermentation for roundness and depth. Blending in the Syrah added a dark velvet nuance to the lush berry flavor profile of the Merlot. Dense black fruit aromas are followed by blueberry and chocolate flavors, and supple tannins that linger on the palate

Blend: 85.8% Merlot, 13.3% Syrah, 0.9% Other varieties

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