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Sam Adams Utopias 2019

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This year, brewers also experimented with Cognac and Madeira finishing barrels which enhanced 2019 Utopias with distinct vanilla notes and subtle nutty and elegant dark fruit aromas. As a final step, and to add a slightly tart note, brewers blended in a touch of Kosmic Mother Funk (KMF), a wild ale that is fermented for two years in Hungarian Oak foeders at the Boston Brewery. Only 77 wooden casks of Utopias were brewed this year, creating the highest naturally fermented beer at 28 percent alcohol by volume (ABV).

This year, however, Utopias are even more unique. It marks the first year that employees from Dogfish Head, which was acquired by The Boston Beer Company family earlier this year, joined co-workers at Samuel Adams to take part in Utopias’ time-intensive hand-bottling and packaging process. A tradition that has been carried on since the Utopias’ inception, each bottle of this limited release is numbered, with coworkers receiving the digits that correspond to their hire date.

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