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Zinfandel fron Dry Creek Valley, CA
Zinfandel fron Dry Creek Valley, CA

The Federalist Zinfandel 2015 - 750mL

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Winemaker's Notes
88% Zinfandel, 6% Carignane, 5% Alicante Bouschet, 1% Syrah
Our Dry Creek Federalist Zinfandel is hand-crafted to bring out the true individuality of the Zinfandel grape. The Dry Creek Valley has unique characteristics that make it especially well-suited for cultivation of this hearty, decidedly American grape. The valley receives pronounced afternoon heat, but our vines are also cooled by the night air that creeps up the Russian River Valley from the waters of the Pacific Ocean, producing evening and early morning fog. Our vineyard enjoys the luxury of extended “hang time,” which produces more mature fruit, and results in rich, full-bodied flavor characteristics. The Federalist Zinfandel has robust fruit with bright berry fruit character, and its lively acidity allows it to partner well with a wide variety of foods.
Aromas of red fruits (plum, cherry) and cinnamon spice. Mouthfilling with a good entrance and midpalate. Good density, supple tannins, bright acidity and a long, smooth finish.

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